The challenge of cultural identity in Nigeria – Ikenda Clinton Elechi

“In the North, Hausa was the largest ethnic group amongst other existing ethnicities until the arrival of the Fulanis who conquered them politically. But even at that, the Hausa language had become so popular that replacing it with Fulfulde or Fulani was almost impossible.

This fact forced the now ruling Fulani Oligarchy to retain and encourage use of the language as a means of easy communication in the region as it aligned with their intention of making the North a monolithic political society.

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What people should know is that parts of the area around the old Kanem-Borno empire in what is called Maiduguri today, the Fulani influence was largely curtailed.

The Kanuris who occupy that area till date do not operate the Emirate system as in the Fulani conquered areas, rather they have the Shehu, who refuses to recognize the authority of the Sultan over him

In the East, the more dominant Igbo ruling class also made their language the official language of the region after English. Students were taught in Igbo just as Churches were conducted in Igbo.

The outward bound nature of Ndigbo equally assisted the spread of the language so much so that in parts of Ijawland like Opobo, Okrika, Bonny & others, the language partially or totally replaced their original languages. In same circumstance, closely bordered areas like Ikwerre land suffered even more severe effect owing to the fact that most of their fathers married Igbos. So that if you escaped Igbonisation in the home from your Mother, you are certain to get it either in school or the market place.

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Yet in the West, the existence, impact and prestige of the Bini Empire made it a bit difficult for the Yoruba domination to be felt heavily in the Bendel (Benin-Delta) areas. Unfortunately, areas like Badagry and Eko which are not originally Yorubas were forced to wear the Yoruba identity through the machinations of Ibadan

We must understand the history of our society before attempting a solution, a biased assessment would give a wrong solution. It is therefore necessary that younger ones be made to study History, especially of their immediate and surrounding environments with a view to understanding the failures of the past and how to avoid them instead of renewing mutual hatred.”

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