Stop applying spiritual solution over a medical case – Hon. Marshall Isreal

Marshall Isreal
Marshall Isreal

Federal Commissioner for Public Complaints Commission (PCC), Rivers State, Hon. Marshall Isreal has cautioned religious bigots to play down on seeking spiritual solution over medical issues.

Hon. Marshall insisted that religious houses doesn’t have the medical tools, prowess to attend to critical health emergencies.

“Stop applying spiritual solution over a medical case. Go to the Hospital first and tell your pastors to pray. There is no distance in the spirit.

Prayer houses lack the medical expertise and equipment to handle medical emergencies. Even in the Bible, there were Medical Doctors, midwives and Nurses”

“There are problems and challenges that doesn’t require fasting and praying. Don’t exercise FAITH and speak in TONGUES when you have typhoid and Malaria. Go to the hospital or Pharmacy first.”

“Everything is not always spiritual, Witches and Wizard.

Don’t die in ignorance.” Marshall Israel said.

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