Pastor David Ibiyeomie gives reason why Nigeria will not change

Founder and Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, David Ibiyeomie has given reason why Nigeria will never change.

The popular televangelist, in one of his sermons said Nigeria would never change until the people voted the right people into power.

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Ibiyeomie states the best time to do that was now, lamenting that many Nigerians collected money from politicians to vote them into power at the detriment of their future

“If a farmer has very small harvest and things are tough and he wants a big harvest but the seed is small, should he plant small or big?

“Everyone who has things tough now, it is not now that things went bad, it was the kind of giving in the past that caused it because seedtime and harvest shall not cease.

“The earlier you sow for things to change, the better. When dollar moved from 70 kobo to N3 in 1983, Nigerians shouted. It moved to 70, 100 people said Jonathan leave. Now it’s N472 and this is still good morning. I thought they said it will be N1 to $1.

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The problem of Nigeria is Nigerians. You know a man can’t deliver yet you will vote for him because he gave you money. He will collect it both from NDDC and everywhere,” he said

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