Eddie Confirms Anthony Joshua Needs 4-Weeks Rest After Sustaining Knee Injury

Eddie Hearn has confirmed AJ will be resting for a month after feeling a twinge in his knee while running.

The British boxing supremo lifted the lid on Anthony Joshua’s injury status after he was pictured on crutches at Saturday’s Black Lives Matter protest in Watford.

AJ’s knee injury should have no bearing on his preparations to fight Kubrat Pulev later this year, with latest reports claiming it could take place as early as September.

Anthony Joshua


The Royal Albert Hall and O2 Arena have both been tipped as potential venues with a limited VIP audience.

But all British fight fans are currently fixated on a potential unification clash against Tyson Fury.

It’s believed the Gypsy King has already signed a contract to fight AJ in an unnamed country.

However, Joshua’s mind was firmly fixed on other matters today as he joined protestors marching against racism in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of US police.

AJ delivered a powerful message to those in attendance, saying: “We can no longer, from today onwards, sit back and remain silent on the senseless, unlawful killing, sly racism of another human being based on what? Only their skin colour.

Anthony Joshua

“We need to speak out in peaceful demonstrations, just like this today.

“We must not use a demonstration for selfish motives and turn it into rioting and looting.

“We need to be united in non-violent demonstration, show them where it hurts.

“Abstain from spending your money in their shops, and spend in economies that invest in black businesses.

“And that’s for all communities if you want to uplift yourself. Invest in your own businesses.

“We have to engage with the youth and put an end to black youth gang culture.

“This postcode war, how many houses do we own on that postcode we’re fighting for?

Anthony Joshua

“Every life matter, 100 per cent I agree with that. But that does include black lives and that’s why we’re here today.

“George Floyd, we’re all aware of his name, was the catalyst in a list that is already way too long.

But ask yourself a question – how does the looting for the latest flat screen TV help him or his family?

“How does burning down shops or taking another life stop the virus from spreading?

“And remember the virus we’re talking about is racism.”

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