Child Abuse: Police Declares Lady Wanted For Molesting Kid’s Genital (Photo)

Just few days after a lady was seen in a viral video sucking a kid’s genital, security agency declares her wanted.

In recent times, the plethora of rape, child molestation and abuse incidences have drawn major concern to the populace, particularly, the human right activists.

This call by the security agency may be in line with the trending “#Say_no_to_rape” mantra that has occupied the cyber space.

In a tweet, the police requested the public to make available useful information on the contact details of the suspect.

“Anyone with useful information (e.g Name, Phone number, Location or Address) of the lady in the picture below should kindly reach out to us via DM or call 08057000001. Protection of your Identity is guaranteed, Thank you. #IGPAdamu #NoToChildAbuse #PoliceIsYourFriend”

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